Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)

Clinical Presentation

5 characteristic features of CES are consistently described in the literature and should form the basis of questions related to diagnosis;

  1. Bilateral neurogenic sciatica – Pain associated with the back and/ or unilateral/bilateral leg symptoms maybe present.
  2. Reduced perineal sensation – Sensation loss in the perineum and saddle region is the most commonly reported symptom.
  3. Altered bladder function leading to painless retention – Bladder dysfunction is the most commonly reported symptom and can range from increased frequency , difficulty in micturition, change in stream, incontinence and retention.
  4. Loss of anal tone – loss or reduced anal tone may be evident if a patient reports bowel dysfuntion. Bowel dysfunction may include incontinence, inability to control motions, inability to feel when the bowel is full and consequently overflow.
  5. Loss of sexual function – Sexual dysfunction is not widely mentioned in the literature but is an important aspect that should be discussed with patients.

Clinical Bottom Line

Cauda equina syndrome is rare but can have life changing consequences if not acted upon in a timely manner. If surgical intervention is delayed irreversible damage can occur to the bladder, bowel and sexual function.

Relevant symptoms include unilateral or bilateral radicular pain and/or dermatomal reduced sensation and/or myotomal weakness with any suggestion of change in bladder or bowel function however minor should be investigated.

Nothing is to be gained by delaying surgery and should be carried out as soon as is practically possible.

Safety netting

Not all patients with back pain will develop CES and it is not necessary to warn all patients. Those patients whom you suspect may go onto develop CES should be given the appropriate information and know what to do should they go on to develop symptoms.


It is important that a patients signs and symptoms are fully documented in accordance to your governing bodies standards of practice so there is a clear record of the patients journey.

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