How To Get Kids To Listen – Secret Strategy That Works

I’m NOT a disciplinarian. So how do I get my child to listen without yelling, nagging or punishing?

Let me tell you a story about my “obedient” child. And then I’ll show you the method I use to create a happy, harmonious family.

How to Get Kids to Listen … By Not Making Them Listen

On a hot summer day, my 5 year old daughter was swimming with two friends. One friend called across the pool to ask her mother if she could use the hot tub. Her mom said no – after all, it was sweltering.

My daughter and the other friend started asking, too. Her mother and I shook our heads. “No, you can’t,” I told my daughter gently. “I’m sorry. It’s just too hot and not safe for little kids to go into the hot tub.”

Her friends started whining. But my little girl turned to them and announced proudly: “My mom said no. And I’m listening to MY MOM.”

The other two mothers stared at me. They wanted to know my secret.

It Doesn’t Bother Me When My Child Doesn’t Listen

Believe me, I’ve tried everything:

  • Time-outs.
  • Reward charts.
  • Counting to three.
  • Punishments…

Nothing worked!

Until I found this 7-Step Parenting Success System:

Positive Parenting Solutions: Learn How To Be A Calm And Confident Parent

Who is Positive Parenting Solutions For? Is it right for YOU?

Watch This Video to Learn More:

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Here’s an overview of the Modules:

  • Allowance
  • Bedtime Blues
  • Chores & Summer Contract
  • Consequences That Work!
  • Entitlement Epidemic
  • Family Systems
  • Homework Hassles
  • Mealtime/Eating Battles
  • Mind, Body & Soul Time
  • Morning Mania
  • Say NO to Rewards & Praise
  • School Success
  • Sibling Squabbles
  • Technology Battles
  • Tweens and Teens

And the Expert Modules:

  • ADHD 101
  • Anxiety
  • Bedwetting and Potty Accidents
  • Bullying
  • Bullying (Siblings)
  • Divorce & Parenting
  • Get Your Partner on Same Parenting Page
  • Helping Your Struggling Student
  • Potty Training 101
  • Sex Talks

Let’s Talk About Money: The Price of Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions comes in three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. While Bronze is a very basic access to the course for a limited time (one year) both Silver and Gold will grant you lifetime access to the entire content.

If you asked me, I would always recommend going for Gold: It offers the best value when look at the fact that it includes

  • access to the app (including offline course access, which is great for commuters)
  • access to the Ask Amy Coaching calls (for one year)
  • access to the entire history of recorded Ask Amy Coaching calls
  • access to the Facebook group

Regular Price:

  • Bronze: $221.11 (or 12 × $22.21)
  • Silver: $276.77 (or 12 × $27.77)
  • Gold: $350,- (or 12 × $35)

Special Offer: 

FREE upgrade from silver to gold or from bronze to silver RIGHT AWAY! That leaves us with:

  • Bronze: (The free upgrade makes it a silver membership!)
  • Silver: $199,- (or 12 × $19.99) instead of $276.77 (or 12 × $27.77)
  • Gold: $249,- (or 12 × $24.99) instead of $350,- (or 12 × $35)

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