The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is the ultimate guide to lowering your risk of having a heart attack safely and effectively by getting a specific series of natural ingredients and exercises into your day that can clear out 93% of your clogged arteries.  There’s a common misconception that as long as your cholesterol levels are low, you’re safe from having a heart attack and while maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is important, it isn’t the end-all-be-all. Studies have shown that 75% of people who had a heart attack actually had a LDL cholesterol score below 130 mg/dl. 50% even had a score below 100 mg/dl. So, it isn’t all about lowering your cholesterol but also, preventing a heart attack and getting your body back to optimal health requires you to also repair the damage that has been done. That damage is clogged arteries and The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy teaches you how to clear them out safely, effectively and naturally.

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review

What is The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy?

It isn’t high cholesterol levels that cause heart attacks, according to new studies. Instead, it’s clogged arteries. In fact, 75% of people who have had a heart attack had a LDL cholesterol score below 130 mg/dl. 50% even had a score below 100 mg/dg. So, while a low cholesterol score is important for your health, it isn’t the root cause of heart attacks. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry will have you convinced that you have to pay for an abundance of prescription medications and expensive doctors to prevent your risk of heart attack but really, you just have to unclog your arteries. The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy teaches you how to do just that, safely and naturally.

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is an online, four-week program that teaches you how to unclog 93% of your clogged arteries. It’s 100% natural and focuses mainly on getting specific ingredients and exercises into your day to begin clearing out your arteries. However, it also comes with healthy tips, ingredients, recipes, food lists, lifestyle tips, dietary recommendations, and more to ensure a comprehensive treatment option that has the potential to save your life.

The system is digital, meaning you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can get started right away. You just download the content onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and you have everything you need to begin clearing out your clogged arteries. There is also the option of getting a physical version of the program for an extra cost of $4 if you’d prefer that option. However, having The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy right on your electronic devices is super easy and convenient as it ensures you have the regime and recommendations with you wherever you go, as long as you have a device with you.

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Author/Creator: Scott Davis
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Now, if you’re like me and have been taking prescription medications to lower your cholesterol levels for years, you may be hesitant to believe that you can clear out your arteries and keep your cholesterol levels low naturally. So, the program offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to try the program out risk-free. Chances are, you won’t be going back to prescription medications that only mask the symptoms once you see the effects of tackling the root cause with this program.

Who is the Author of The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy?

This particular program is brought to you by Scott Davis in combination with Blue Heron Limited, which is a popular online natural health publication. Scott Davis is a highly-renowned expert that is sought after for his extensive knowledge on everything health-related. Scott is commonly seen on major media channels, and is also a contributing author in many health reports and articles.

Overview of The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is a comprehensive, four-week online program that teaches you everything there is to know about cholesterol, cholesterol-related conditions and your health and body. Then, it provides you with an easy, step-by-step action plan that allows you to put your newfound knowledge into action, so you can start to unclog 93% of your arteries safely and naturally.

The entire system is broken down into three parts to ensure an easy and enjoyable process. To give you a better understanding of what you can expect from each section, here’s a sneak peek:

Part 1: The Features and Dangers of Oxidized Cholesterol

  1. Introduction to the Cholesterol Debate
    1. What is Cholesterol?
    2. The Traditional View of Cholesterol
    3. Objections to the Traditional View of Cholesterol
  2. The Revisionist View of Cholesterol
    1. The Process of Oxidation
    2. Oxidized Cholesterol
  3. Sources of Oxidized Cholesterol
    1. Diet-Derived Oxidized Cholesterol
    2. Endogenously Produced Oxidized Cholesterol
    3. Of LDL Particle Size
  4. The Adverse Health Effects of Oxidized Cholesterol
    1. Inhibition of ABCA1 and LxR Receptors
    2. Increase of Thromboxane
    3. Inhibition of Prostacyclin
    4. Enhances Sphingomyelin Production
    5. Diabetes
    6. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
    7. Arthritis

Part 2: Dietary and Lifestyle Habits that Promote and Inhibit Fat Oxidation

  1. Statins
    1. Ineffectiveness
    2. The Side Effects of Statins
  2. Antioxidants
    1. Vitamin C
    2. Vitamin E
    3. Vitamin A
    4. Flavonoids
    5. Uric Avid
    6. Curcumin and Capsaicin
  3. Anti-Inflammatories
    1. Vitamins A and C
    2. Lycopene
    3. Selenium
    4. Monounsaturated Fats
    5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    6. Fiber
    7. Magnesium
    8. Flavonoids
    9. Vitamin D
  4. Dietary Fats and Oils
    1. Vulnerability to Oxidation
    2. Rules for the Consumption of Dietary Fats
    3. Desirable Dietary Fats
    4. Permissible Dietary Fats
    5. Undesirable Dietary Fats
  5. Dietary Carbohydrates
    1. Healthy Carbs
    2. Undesirable Carbs
  6. Exercise, Smoking and Sleep

Part 3: The Four-Week Plan to Reduce Cholesterol and Prevent Coronary Artery Disease

  1. Week One
    1. Meals and Meal Prep
    2. Smoking
    3. Sleep
    4. Exercise
      1. Rules for Resistance Training
      2. Sample Resistance Exercises
  • Exercise Program
  1. Week Two
    1. Meals and Meal Preparation
      1. Sugar and Grain Substitutes
      2. Recipes
    2. Exercise
      1. Rules for Aerobic Exercise
      2. Sample Aerobic Exercises
  • Exercise Program
  1. Week Three
    1. Meals and Meal Preparation
      1. Good and Bad Oils
      2. Recipes
    2. Exercise
  2. Week Four
    1. Meals and Meal Preparation
      1. Meat and Dairy and their Substitute
      2. Recipes
    2. Exercise
  3. Moving On – The Mediterranean Diet
    1. Defining the Mediterranean Diet
    2. Differences Between the Program and the Mediterranean Diet
    3. Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans
      1. Breakfasts
      2. Lunches
  • Snacks
  1. Dinners


The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is an easy four-week program that teaches you natural ways to clear out 93% of your clogged arteries, so you can lower your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other heart-related conditions. It’s designed to help you reshape your life by forming new, healthy habits that continue to keep your cholesterol low and your arteries clogged. So, even once you’re done the four-week program, you’ll have a newfound knowledge and habits that will keep the healthy benefits coming moving forward. It’s so effective that the results are even guaranteed with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose by giving the natural route a try – a healthier alternative to prescription medications that actually dives deep into the problem instead of masking the symptoms.

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